Now you can hold the keys to Ouija in your hands.

Mini Ouija Keychain


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Pros: Cute toy that replicates the Ouija Board

Cons: The Ouija board graphics are stickers

What mysteries will you unlock with this Mini Ouija Keychain?

This cute keychain looks just like the Ouija board and has a mini planchette included in a hidden drawer…complete with the Ouija name printed on the top of the indicator. Planchette slides smoothly on the game boards surface..might actually work if you had little baby fingers..


The drawer does not slide open or shut too loosely and keeps the tiny planchette securely in place. The mini game board and planchette both glow in the dark and is fashioned after the Glow-In-the-Dark Ouija Board game


This is a great gift for toy collectors or any fan of the Mysterious Mystifying Oracle aka OUIJA. The keychain is made of stainless steel and has a clip to put keys on. However the Ouija board surface and box prints are stickers and might come off during extensive use.


I bought two keychains; one to open (and play with he, he. he…) and one to keep in original packaging,  which is very nice looking. There is an issue number on the box to prove authenticity and also comes with a small plastic piece with an issue number attached to the  “chain” part.


I am very pleased with this keychain and it does get a lot of comments. Great little toy that fits nicely into my collection of Ouija brands.

Ouija. It’s only a game. Isn’t it?

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  1. Ha! What will they think of next – a gadget you can type on and watch the words appear on a screen? Like that will ever happen! haha 🙂

    Nice review – thanks!


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