About this Site

What this site is for

VeryHelpful.net is a collective for online review writers. By publishing together, we can accomplish more than we ever could alone.  This is a community that values feedback and collaboration. We treat each other with respect and we work together toward the shared goal of a top-notch review site with a large scale audience.

Are there any rules?

Right now I’m supplying this site as a service to the community. I would ask for people to observe common sense and not post porn or “TESTING123” reviews. Be nice to the others here.

Right now this site is set up for reviews only. Please use the supplied review template  so that our presentation is consistent. But other than that, it’s up to you. Write reviews of whatever you want! I expect to see all your usual humor, playfulness, erudition, and surplusage in full effect here!

What’s next?

I’m working on a site with a more full feature set customized for a community of online reviewers. WordPress gives us a temporary home where we can build content together, but the editing experience is not customized for reviews. You’ll notice a lot of problems here, like reviews of the same product not being grouped together, profile pages kinda sucking, and feedback being limited to just comments.

But it shows some of the things we’ve been lacking: things like the ability to use images and videos in our reviews, and a modern presentation that actually looks good. You can link off site (WHOA!) and even use your own Amazon associates ID to start earning right away.

Our new home will be ready soon and will offer a more custom review experience and more automation for things like product links.  When the time comes we’ll move all content over so nothing you do here will be lost.

Please write and enjoy! Feel free to experiment. Just be warned that this site might change a lot. I whipped it together myself in 48 hours and we will probably want to fix or add things.

Let me know what you think!

Special thanks to elvisdo for the swanky new logo~


1,310 thoughts on “About this Site”

  1. Another thanks. In reading, “using your own Amazon associates ID, and str earning right away.” What and how does that work?


    1. I also would like to hear more about “Amazon Associates ID”.

      Websearched a bit about it . . .but (obviously) would love to hear the input/feedback of those who are already using it.

      Thanks in advance.


      1. Hey guys –

        I posted a sort of FAQ about using Amazon Associates. It’s not going to offer everything we need from an income share program, but it is something you can do on your own right away. Please read this carefully first, though, as I proscribe a couple of guidelines.


        This is linked in the site’s left hand sidebar, by the way. If you don’t see a left-hand sidebar, make your window larger, or tilt your iPad to one side 🙂

  2. Hi, thanks for the new site! There will certainly be interesting times ahead. Oh, this is Stroppy100 from Epinions 🙂

  3. Hey popsrocks, nice to see you here. When I found out about this site I couldn’t wait to jump on the chance to join, especially after I heard about Epinions shutting down, YIKES! Anyways, after making a thread there, I joined here so lets get posting lol.

    I will be happy enough to write reviews here to help people make smart purchasing decisions. However, if it is the case that we will be able to earn money for our reviews, as we were able to do with Epinions, I will be happy. 🙂

    Thanks goes to Andy who created this website so that we could continue writing!

  4. Hi Andy;

    Congratulations on this new venture. I’m fairly new at reviewing, but was starting to grow @ Epinions. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a long and fruitful enterprise for all concerned.

    Looking ahead,


  5. Hi Andy,

    I’m happy to be here, happy to find my way around a new site. Right now, though, it feels like I moved to a new town and am starting a new job, and I barely know how to get to my office! I am glad to see a lot of familiar names here, though, so hopefully this place will feel like “home” soon.

  6. Well I must say this is different! I love the option to add pictures to reviews, now if I could just figure out how to do it… an hour so far with no luck. The reviews displayed so far are quite striking indeed.

    1. To RabidSquirrel:

      I just posted a review that went without a glitch. Adding my picture was just few clicks. Find the manufacturers or suppliers image and “right click” select “copy image”. Now you simply paste the image in the “Replace this with a picture of your thing” section…voila!


      1. Thanks Pat, that worked wonders 🙂 That was probably the only thing I didn’t try!

    2. I loved writing about what I wanted. I didn’t have to go see if it was available, and then suffer major let down when it wasn’t!

      I didn’t have any luck with the picture either

  7. Thanks Andy, like all of epinions staff (present and former) you make a habit of going the extra distance. This “new home” is a perfect example.

    Write on!


  8. Awesome work, Andy. I’ve been using the Associate program on my personal websites for more than a decade. It really works. Love the monthly income! And the program has a great tools for members to customize links and images. Make sure to use the Amazon Associate Toolbar!


  9. Michelle7898 from Epinions here, Hoping to catch up with all of you and start writing again. Its good too see that many familiar names and faces are already here! Happy writing everyone!


  10. sleeper54 , popsrocks , RabidSquirrel , StarTreker , Sallyforth2 , ladyconsumer/Mona , Howard Creech , jump_chump , michiman, Jennifer Kate, Rudi, I feel as tho I have come to a new school and all the people I know from Epinions are here too!

    I look forward to reading more of all of your work!

    Tomsdattar mj Hollingshead Epinions

  11. Andy–

    Thanks for this opportunity! Now I can feed my reviewing jones.

    I just posted my first clumsy attempt at a review. Still bruised and hopefully haven’t embarrassed myself too badly.

    It’s also nice to see so many friendly faces from the late laments Eps.

    msiduri from Eps.

  12. Good luck with the site.
    I hope it will develop into a better-than-epinions platform for reviews.
    And I hope you’ll be able to keep it clean, since such “open” blogs tend to get polluted with, you know…

    1. Yeah unfortunately I do… It’s definitely something we’ll need to keep a close eye on. When the time comes I’ll be recruiting a moderator team.

  13. Well let me be the first to say that I dont know what I am doing lol. However, I just applied for an Amazon associates account for the first time in my life, and I used this site to do so. I didn’t fully understand the tax page of it all but tried to answer to the best of my ability. It probably won’t work cause like I said, I don’t know what I am doing, but at least I tried. Guess I’ll see what happens. 0.o

  14. Well, I screwed up right out of the gate. My user name! It’s supposed to be PattyTherre. It has an extra T. I was speed typo-ing. Is there a way to change it or should I sign up again under a different email address and CORRECT user name? I am pretty familiar with WP as I am a mod at a site that uses it. It can be complicated but there is a lot that can be done to make the site look and work better once you get the feel of how the platform functions.

    1. Actually, if you just delete this account, I can make a new one with my real name as opposed to … my stuttering name. Just delete me and I will resign up. If you need any help with basic functions, as I said, I do mod a site on WP and have been forced to learn to use some of the functions. Beware spam. As soon as you are discovered, you will be inundated. The best way to avoid it is to approve first posts before allowing people to post without prior approval. That way, spam never gets to the site and you can quickly delete the post/account/IP of spammers. Then you can approve first legit posts and set the users to author so they can post freely after that. That is how we control spam and it works great as long as you have someone approving the legit posts in a timely manner.

  15. Hi Andy, Please expand on the use of images in our reviews. Any rules? Should we just grab Amazon’s image, or are there other places we should be looking?

    1. Hi Mona,

      There are always potential copyright issues when using images found on the internet. Here is my advice:

      1) Whip out your phone and take a photo of the item. Original pictures are always the best, even if they aren’t studio quality.
      2) Use photos from the manufacturer’s website. They want you to spread the word about their products and rarely if ever complain about copyright violation.
      3) Use the image from Amazon. Usually it is just the manufacturer’s image anyway, though sometimes Amazon creates their own images and/or posts customer-submitted images.

      #3 is generally going to be okay but will, I’m sure, result in some copyright takedown notices eventually. I strongly recommend finding a spot in your house where you can turn on all the lights and take a halfway decent photo of the product sitting on a nice wood table or countertop as a backdrop. It’s not fancy but it works surprisingly well.

      1. Tee Hee – except when it comes to restaurants. Those are hard to fit in my dining room. 🙂

        1. True! But when your food is served you’ll have a good opportunity to photograph it before eating. And some pictures of the interior of a restaurant are always nice. Smartphones are so handy…

  16. Just posted review of Wolf of Wolf Street. Good of you to have a place for displaced Epinions folks in particular to continue. Perhaps revenue sharing of some point could make it even sweeter…. Question: I noticed when I posted link to review on Facebook there seems to be a place to put a small synposis….but I don’t see it on the template. If you know what I mean, how to do this advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

  17. I just read Andy’s informative post about Amazon Associates, check it out everyone!


    It sounds like it will be worth it to wait till Andy gets the new site format up and running. I have to say that I have seen more action in 3 days from Andy then I ever saw in a year from Epinions. Way to go Andy, your awesome 🙂

  18. But when your food is served you’ll have a good opportunity to photograph it before eating.

    Wait . . .I thought this was the raison d’être for ‘evilbook’..?!?


  19. Question: Please explain what the “featured image” is – Is this something we should be adding to our reviews? If so, how is that different from the “big picture” we insert at the very top of the review?

    1. Hi Mona,

      The featured image is not something you need to add to every review. However, it can be pretty awesome to have one. Let me explain.

      Notice on the homepage there are 3 reviews across the top of the page? Those are “featured.” I’m rotating great reviews through those spots daily.

      Click one of those and you’ll notice a giant background image placed above the review. The review title is placed below it with a sort of “cutout” effect.

      That huge image in the background is a featured image. If you add a featured image, it will show up there with that effect.

      A nice image that’s large enough can look great when it’s set as your featured image. But small images don’t look good in the featured position at all.

      Find one of your earlier reviews, something that’s not on the homepage anymore, and experiment to see what I mean.

      It’s an optional feature but it can be really cool when done right.

      1. I love how the featured images look, when a good one is chosen. But I’m struggling to find images that work well for a book. I’ve tried a few large images, but the title/author get cut off. And, like you said, small images don’t look good. Any thoughts where to find something that might work well for a book?

  20. I just signed up for the associates account. I used this website as well as my own website, so now I have incentive to write and do more at both sites! Loving this site, even though I am still getting used to it.

    I used to swear I didn’t write for the money at Eps, so this is perfect!

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